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JAP.NET is a simple multimedia player. It's developed in C# (.NET 2.0) using DirectShowNet lib that provide access to DirectShow interfaces via .NET platform.

More about DirectShowNet lib see here - This lib is easy-deployed in comparison with DirectX.NET. So, it was my choice.

Main Features:
  • Video & Audio playback (supported media formats are defined by installed decoders).
  • Small weight (approx. 2 MB).
  • Simple installation (just extract rar to a prefer folder and execute exe-file).
  • Player doesn't use registry.
  • Player uses system-default graph-building algorithm.
  • and more...

System Requirements:
  • Windows XP SP2 (SP3)/ Vista (SP1) with installed .NET Framework 2.0 and Microsoft DirectX 9.0c (Windows XP).
  • At least 1GHz CPU.
  • At least 512MB memory.
  • Modern VGA-card (GeForce MX (ATI Radeon) series are NOT recommended).
  • Mouse, keyboard and monitor (true color and high resolution) (or supported by your VGA-card TV).

  • DVD support.
  • OSD.
  • Gamma-correction (contrast, brightness) via VGA-driver (now supported gamma-correction via decoder options).
  • Extended Graphbuilder (manual graph-building system that uses "good" decoders (like ffdshow) and filters (like Haali) if they are installed instead of "bad" system-default decoders and filters).

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